Wine Descriptors

Wine descriptors are very tricky, especially for those who are being asked to describe a wine based on its varietal but have no idea as to how to go on about it. Worry not, we have just the perfect thing!

Here are a few pointers:

  • Dry: A dry wine leaves the tongue tingling, with the feeling of a cottonmouth.
  • Sweet: This wine is more suitable for dessert or falls under the variety of cheap wines.
  • Fruity: Red wines will be categorised as having red fruits or dark fruits. While on the other hand, whites will be tropical.
  • Earthy: This is often than not referred to red wines, as it implies a certain mustiness. Damp; musky flavours.
  • The body of the wine refers to its weight and it is also used in conjunction with a mouthfeel.

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